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What is MiBo Thermoflo®?

The MiBo Thermoflo® is a medical device that offers an alternative therapy for dry eye and blepharitis. In just 12 minutes per eye, the device gently massages the margins of the eyelids, using controlled heat to unclog the meibomian glands. Significant relief is had immediately after the first treatment. We offer an initial four treatment package within six to eight weeks for $240.00. Subsequent follow up treatments every three to six months usually allow the patient to remain free of dry eye symptoms (depending on the severity of the condition, and state of the meibomian glands).

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Can Meibomian gland dysfunction be cured?

Blepharitis/MGD cannot be cured. However, most cases can be controlled with good hygiene, consisting of the frequent use of hot compresses (in every case) and meticulous cleaning of the eyelid scales (when present).

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